One day in Naples

Visiting Naples in one day, complicated but not impossible. If you are only going to spend one day in Naples, you should prioritize what to visit. It is about opting to know the capital of Campania, visit Pompeii or both.
Naples does not leave you indifferent and whatever you know will hook you and you will want to return soon. Naples is a city in southern Italy and it shows in its streets, in its history, in its people.
In it are important religious buildings, its imposing medieval castles and charming corners that take you back in time. And of course, the most famous and oldest pizza in the whole world.

We give you three options to get to know Naples in one day. A guide with which we hope you fall in love with the city and want to return as soon as possible.


If you visit Naples city, you must visit the most important monuments of the capital.
If you wish, you can hire a tour to get to know the most important things, this way you make the most of your time, it would give you time to get to know the most important things in the capital of Campania, locate yourself and then move around wherever you want and visit what really interests you. be interested.


If you just want to visit Pompeii, because you are passing through and you are more interested in knowing the archaeological park than the capital, it is clear that you should go to the base of Vesuvius and visit this incredible city discovered in recent history.


The third option is to visit Pompeii in the morning in about 4 hours, a difficult task but not impossible since you want to see more and more ruins. Return to Naples capital at noon and take a walk through the city center, trying to get to know as much as possible and until there is time. If you want to do the latter, we recommend getting up very early to make the most of the day or directly hire one of the excursions that take you to the archaeological park and leave you again in the city center.

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The Amalfi Coast is another of the treasures that the coast of Naples hides: a 50 km strip that constitutes one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. For this reason, since 1997, all the municipalities that make up the coast were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you only go one day, the ideal is to book an excursion.

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