The island of Ischia, of volcanic and irregular origin in which the hills predominate, is rich in sandy beaches of great beauty and inlets, being Mount Epomeo and its emblematic castle, the iconic image.
It is a jewel to visit in the Gulf of Naples, together with the island of Procida. If you visit the Amalfi Coast, it is an essential visit in the itinerary.

what to see in ischia


The most iconic image of Ischia is the Aragonese Castle on the sea, an islet connected to the island of Ischia with a bridge rebuilt several times over the centuries, since the sea has destroyed it numerous times. The views from the top are impressive, as are the remains of the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the cemetery of the Clarisas nuns. The top can be accessed by elevator or by going through the tunnel in the rock, with slits in the ceiling to drop hot oil and stones on enemies. In the 5th century BC, the Greeks took refuge on the islet to defend themselves against their enemies, becoming the first colony of Magna Graecia. In the mid-15th century, Alfonso de Aragón turned it into a fortified citadel. The entrance costs 12 euros.

chiesa di Soccorso

The Soccorso church is the other icon of the island, a Mediterranean church, with simple white lines, in a truly unique setting, overlooking the sea and very close to the historic center.

Village of Sant’Angelo

Sant’Angelo is a beautiful town with white and colored houses, pedestrian alleys and something difficult to reach, which allows it to maintain its exclusivity and privacy. A single bus from the port of Ischia, about 1 hour, and a pleasant walk of one km, will take you to this beautiful Mediterranean town of colored houses and pedestrian streets, characterized by its tranquility.


One of the main attractions of Ischia are the thermal baths. Known its benefits since antiquity, the Romans already enjoyed the treatments of its waters, when the rest of the world was still living in a state of barbarism. Today there are numerous thermal parks in the surrounding area, as well as numerous hotels that offer thermal pools and spas where you can relax. The Poseidon Thermal Gardens are the most famous, along with the Gardens of Aphrodite, Eden and Tropical, the Baths of Castiglione, Bagnitiello, Negombo and Cavascura. The thermal parks offer pools of different sizes, temperatures, waterfalls and usually with views and private access to beaches. Massages, mud treatments, gyms or a solarium are other attractions at the hot springs. The entrance price varies from one to the other, depending on the season and the services it includes and they usually open from April to October and remain closed during the winter. In Sorgeto Bay, the most famous on the island, hot springs emerge from the subsoil, forming natural pools of various sizes and different temperatures. Best of all, they are free.


One of the main attractions of Ischia are its beaches. It is difficult to find an ugly one or one in which you are not calm. Spiaggia della Chiaia is one of the largest and most comfortable. Its crystalline waters make it one of the busiest. The Baia di San Montano is one of the most beautiful on the island. Hidden among vegetation, its clear water with green reflections, fine golden sand, and its spaciousness, it becomes an essential. Maronti beach, an extensive stretch of fine, dark volcanic sand, is another staple. Thermal springs flow into the sea. The Spiaggia degli Inglesi is a small beach of fine sand, little crowded, perfect to go with children and with easy access from Sant’Alessandro. Cartaromana Beach, south of the Castle of Ischia, has a small beach, with very fine sand, and also ideal for families. In addition, it is one of the best areas of the island for diving and snorkeling, in the middle of the archaeological zone of the island. Citara is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and one of the busiest. It is located in the municipality of Forio and not far from the Poseidon Gardens thermal park. It is known for its crystalline waters and its white sand. If you like hiking, the island has beautiful trails for trekking, or a walk on Mount Epomeo, are other activities that can be done on the island.

Where to sleep in Ischia

Ischia, like Procida, is a very popular island during the summer. Not just because of tourism, but because of the residents coming home. The island has numerous hotels, so the options and prices are varied. You must book in advance to avoid running out of a hotel room, especially in those that have hot springs and treatments. Many visit it during the day (round trip from Naples, Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast) while many others base themselves to explore it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Tours and excursions to Ischia

If you prefer, you can visit the island in a single day, from Sorrento or Naples, taking a private boat that will take you to the island, or an excursion that invites you to discover Ischia together with Procida, thus making the most of your time.
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